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If you're into that sort of thing.  And you are.  Or you wouldn't have clicked the link, right? So read the following story, and imagine the scenes unfold.  For each question, select the first choice that appeals to you. Don't think excessively about the questions!



















You're going on an adventure.  It's a clear morning when you start, and you've got a long way to go on a:

a) train   b) bicycle   c) van   d) airplane   e) boat   f) sports car

It happens to be a color that appeals to you, which is:

a) black   b) aubergine   c) blue   d) white   e) gray   f) red

It's been a long week, and you're exhausted.  When you glance to the left you notice the sky is changing--inclement weather is rapidly approaching.  It looks like:

a) rain   b) a wildfire   c) a thunderstorm   d) perfectly still   e) a tornado   f) it's raining frogs

While you're gazing, an unexpected jolt rocks through the vehicle, you crash, and you're knocked unconscious.  Hours later, when you finally come to, you find yourself alone in a vast:

a) ocean   b) jungle   c) mountain   d) plains   e) desert   f) glacier

Tragically, you also discover a grievous bodily injury. You've gone:

a) completely numb  b) and severed your primary hand    c) deaf    d) blind    e) you can't remember--it's amnesia    f) mute

You're begin to wander aimlessly with only one survival tool, a(n):

a) emergency blanket   b) flask   c) knife   d) frying pan   e) lantern   f)  map

You all but give up hope when an animal approaches you.  Oddly enough,  it's a(n):

a) raven   b) elephant   c) rabbit   d) lion   e) monkey   f) crab

and it's speaking in:

a) rhymes   b)  french   c) navajo   d) sign-language   e) elvish   f) jargon

The creature offers to heal your wound in exchange for your lovely:

a) hat   b) scarf   c) jacket   d) sunglasses   e) sweater   f) shoes

But you don't want to part with it!  You prepare to run, when suddenly you wake up!  Thank god.  You then:

a) keep dreaming   b) masturbate   c) tell the naked person it's time to go   d) check for that injury   e) go for coffee   f) check the clock

The End.


Now, tally up your answers.  Then click the letter you selected the most to have your artistic genius revealed:

                      C            D                       F





Click here to analyze your answers.




















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